The Real State Agency For Taxpayers and Government Employees


The Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees was created by the U.S. Congress in 1970 as a “state-funded” agency that was independent of both the Federal government and state governments. What was initially thought of as a tax audit tool, the state agency has now evolved into a “non profit” watchdog agency that can help taxpayers resolve their problems with the Internal Revenue Service, and is a part of the Internal Revenue Service. The state-funded agency has grown to become a “governmental watchdog” and taxpayer advocate. These two roles are related, since both are intended to protect the rights of the American citizenry from the actions of state and federal governments.

A citizen is entitled to have an impartial arbitrator evaluate his or her case with the Internal Revenue Service to determine if his or her tax return was not improperly filed or otherwise invalidated. This is a critical aspect of how the Internal Revenue Service works: if it does not believe that a person was over-complied with their tax return, or if the person cannot prove their over-payment, they cannot go to court to seek compensation.

The Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees is a private company, and its officers, staff and employees are all members of the Professional Taxpayer Organization (PTPO) network. The PTPO is a non profit organization that protects the rights of all Astral City Binh Duong Americans. It has a website, along with a toll free number. The Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees has a member list consisting of the IRS, U.S. Attorney General, Department of Labor, Consumer Protection Division and several state and federal agencies. Members of the PTPO network are subject to the same ethical guidelines as the members of the state agency itself.

The Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees, along with the other state government agencies, also provide free consultations for any taxpayer who may be struggling with their tax returns. Each consultation is free, but the agency requires that the taxpayer call them before calling any professional help from the Internal Revenue Service. This information helps the agency and taxpayers understand their options to address their problems. Since they are not government agencies, they cannot provide advice on how to resolve your problems with the Internal Revenue Service.

If you are currently a member of the Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees and you have a tax issue, and if you do not receive a qualified, sympathetic, competent and sympathetic response from the agency, you may be better off looking elsewhere for a tax professional. such as an accountant or tax attorney. These professionals are trained and experienced at helping taxpayers resolve their tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service. They work with tax attorneys, certified public accountants, and also conduct financial audits on their own behalf.

Please note that the Real State Agency for Taxpayers and Government Employees’ website is designed to inform the general public about their tax issues. It is not a referral for legal assistance.

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