Bacopa Benefits Surprise Scientific Community


The monthly magazine Neuropsychopharmacology in its 2002 August issue published certain researches done on the bacopa benefits. University of Maryland Medical Centre researches also revealed that this herb provides good benefit for dementia and Parkinson disease. All these researches show the important medicinal properties the bacopa herb has in healing brain related disorders. Briefly I will explain how one can get 100% of bacopa benefits.

This herb is called Brahmi in the Indian system of Ayurveda. They used this herb for memory enhancement in times of yore. The active principle becosides in the bacopa is a fantastic nutrition that helps for neurotransmission. Once this process is maintained and improved in our brain all brain disorders like loss of memory, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s etc., are bound to vanish.

There are billions of nerve cells in our brain. They are all interconnected through the arrangement called synapse. They Synapse xt contain neurons. When chemical neurotransmitters are released from a cell the receptors in the second cell receives them in the form of electrical and biological signals. The sending and receiving are done through the neurons of synapse. Obviously if the synapse is weak all brain disorders are imminent. We have to keep the synapse healthy. Here the bacopa benefits come in handy. The bacosides in the herb offers the best nutrition for synapse and in that process protects the damage of the cells from free radicals. It is also a good anti-oxidant.

There is a caveat here. The blood vessels near our brain are the most fragile subjected to contraction very frequently. Perhaps because of this reason many of us forget more than what we can remember. When the blood vessel near the brain is contracted the nutrition carried by the blood does not reach the brain. Even if we take any amount of bacosides it will not be helpful. We will get complete bacopa benefits only when this nutrition is carried into the brain cells. What is the way out?

There is a fantastic herb called vinca minor. This has the potency to ensure that the blood vessels near the brain do not get contracted and the bacosides are offered into the brain cells. Only these twin herbs offer complete resolution to the brain disorders. How to find such a dose having both bacopa and vinca minor?

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