TOTO MS934304SF-01 Lloyd Elongated One Piece Toilet Review – Maximum Flushing Power


If you’re looking for a top of the line toilet with maximum flushing power there’s no other than the TOTO Lloyd Elongated One Piece Toilet. You can have peace of mind for years with a clog free toilet and say goodbye to your plumber.

Maximum Flushing Power

The TOTO Lloyd toilet features the G-Max flushing system, a very powerful siphon jet action that removes maximum bulk of waste in a single flush hence, the terms was born “what goes down stays down”. The TOTO G-Max became an industry’s benchmark, with its excellent engineering design it is almost impossible to clog even for years of heavy usage.

It draws water into the bowl more quickly with its extra wide 3-inch flush valve compare to other 2-inch conventional 토토사이트 toilet, this results in a more forceful flushing action. A 2-1/8 inch large glazed trapway offers an unmatched power for one-flush superiority that prevents it clogging. With this kind of power this toilet is surprisingly quiet.

Good Looks And Very Comfortable

The TOTO Lloyd looks very attractive in white colour, by adding a unique sculpted design it makes more elegant. This is an ADA compliant toilet with high-profile seat that gives you the ultimate comfort while sitting in there. This is highly beneficial for elder member of the family and for disabled as well.

Easy To Clean

This one-piece toilet is easier to clean than the conventional two-piece. Made of high quality porcelain making it non sticky to dirt and stays clean for longer period of time, if you truly value your time, this toilet saves the day.

Includes Toto’s SoftClose Seat

No need to buy a separate seat for this amazing toilet because, the Toto SoftClose seat is included. It is made from highly durable polypropylene plastic materials; this is highly resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents that ensure its toughness and long life. The seat is specially molded that perfectly shape your body contour for maximum comfort. It also comes in an anti-slid design that prevents it from slipping while you’re sitting there.

The TOTO SoftClose seat is intelligently design that totally remove those annoying sounds, this is ideal if you have children at home as it reduces the accidental injuries for a safer environment. This is made possible with the built-in hinge system that slows down as it lower the bowl seat. A top tightening mounting bolt is provided to ensure its easy installation and removing when cleaning.


Elegant look in a unique sculpted design it makes more elegant

An ADA compliant for comfort height that makes it comfortable for elderly and disabled person

One piece toilet design for ease of cleaning

G-Max Power siphon jet flushing system that get rids of waste in a single flush, what goes down stays down

Oversize 3-inch flush valve which is larger than the conventional 2-inch valve that draws water quickly for a more forceful flushing action

Larger trapway in a 2-1/8 inch design that secures a clogged free toilet

Low water consumption of only 1.6Gpf compare with the traditional 7 Gpf, this will surely cut off your water bill

Quiet flushing system that doesn’t disturb anyone who’s sleeping at night

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