Shopping Cart Software Review – Is There a “Target” on Your Back?


A complete shopping cart software review can be almost as critical to the success of your online business as the business you choose. Think of online shopping cart software as the “location, location, location” aspect of an offline business. Choose the wrong location and your offline business is doomed. Choose the wrong shopping cart software and you’re likely to suffer a similar fate.

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The reality is that you’re about to make a business decision that extends well beyond your current business, it literally dictates how big your business can grow and how profitable your ecommerce business will become. The average online shopping cart software package will typically focus on “transactions” Ecommerce Software Reviews. In other words, the ecommerce software focuses its attention on getting the customer to process the purchase transaction as quickly as possible. And many rookie online marketers will think they’ve accomplished a great deal when they get their customer through the checkout process before they change their mind.

This is a huge mistake but a common ailment.

It’s almost as if the online merchant is so insecure in their product offering that getting a customer to actually complete the purchase is a monumental achievement. But compare this to how top offline marketers do it. Think of retail stores like Target and you’ll quickly discover a different model. When you shop at Target and place a shirt in your cart, you would find it quite strange to have a clerk approach and guide you to the checkout counter.

Target wants you to linger, they want you to look around awhile and place more items in your cart. And even when you’re waiting to pay, they surround you with more items to buy i.e. candy, magazines, trinkets etc. Target wants to sell you every last item you’ll possibly buy, going so far as to sell you something more on the receipt from the original purchase. This is smart marketing and a sales model you should strive to emulate!

When you review your shopping cart software, forget about looking at how quickly you can push your customer out the door with one item. Look for the ecommerce system that helps you sell more, helps you earn more revenue per customer and helps you easily establish a full sales and “up sell” process..

This one aspect of online marketing can mark the difference between a profit and a loss. Sell to the end, sell in the middle, sell as they’re leaving…but never push your customer out the proverbial door and never base your shopping cart software solution on how fast it can stop your customer from buying more from you.

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