Boxing – A Brief History


Boxing is described as a combat sport or martial art where two individuals battle each other using their fists. A referee supervises a boxing match. One of the 2 opponents wins by knocking out the other. Fist fighting can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Assyrians and Sumerians. However, the ancient Greeks first documented boxing as a sport. According to the legend, Apollo invented boxing. In 688 BCE, boxing was launched as an Olympic game. During this time, boxers needed to wear himantes. These were smooth straps and thongs made out of ox hide. The boxers tied the straps on their palms as a method of making their fingers and wrists a lot stronger.

Centuries later the himantes had been turned into hardened leather straps that gave stronger blows. During this time, it didn’t matter who started this game. However, the leather himantes had been changed in the fourth century BC. Gloves had been adopted and  วิจารณ์มวย have been in use since then. The very first gloves had layers of wool on the inside. Later the Romans started using what were known as caestus. These boxing gloves had been distinctive in their own right. Along with having iron and lead layers, they pretty much resembled weapons. It is understood that you can do more than just knock your opponent out with these gloves.

It has already been acknowledged that it was Apollo who started boxing. However, it is worth noting that he didn’t set any particular time for which boxing matches were to run. He additionally didn’t speak about or embrace any details on weight tutorials or even cheering squads. These had been added much later as the game was adopted by several types of people. In the historical occasions, boxing matches solely ended when one of the opponents raised one or 2 fingers signaling that he had been defeated. It was right then that the boxing official would cease the match and/or give a resting break.

Typically, there seems to be consensus on who was behind the invention of this game. Another thing that individuals seem to agree is that genital blows and holding are a no-no. You are not awarded any points and are prone to be disqualified for kicking you opponent in the groin. Holding, however is not allowed since it might defeat the aim of the game seeing that it involves using the fists to hit. At the time when himantes had been allowed, boxers were not allowed to wear those made out of pigskin.

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