What You Need To Know About Equine Feed Balancers


In this article I would like to talk with you about equine feed balancers. Out of all of the different horse supplements that you can get your hands on today, they are the only ones that are proven and tested by time.

The fact is that nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of horse products and supplements: from garlic supplements and coatshine products to joint supplements and feed balancers… This massive choice of different types of products leaves a lot of inexperienced horse riders confused and this is the primary reason why I have decided to share the following information with you. In this article I would like to talk with you specifically about equine feed balancers, because I personally think that this is the only supplements most of us need. If you are not involved in competitive horse riding disciplines, if you only ride for recreational reasons then a good old feed balancers Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula is all you need.

How can a feed balancers help your horse?

They improve digestive system.

Most of the high quality feed balancers that you can buy today contain pre and pro biotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that can be used to improve the efficiency of the digestive system.

The fact is that quite a lot of horses in the Western world suffer from nutrient deficiency. This is primarily as a result of poor grazing conditions, particularly in the cold months of Winter and because most of the horses naturally don’t have the greatest degistive system.

By supplementing your horse’s diet with a feed balancer that contains probiotics, you will increase the number of good bacteria in your horse’s digestive system which will allow your horse to break down nutrients much faster. This will lead to an increased nutrient uptake, meaning that your horse will get more vitamins, minerals and nutrients from his usual diet.

Equine feed balancers will improve the way your horse looks.

In addition to improving your horse’s digestive system, a good high quality feed balancer will also improve the way your horse looks. You see, most of the high quality balancers nowadays contain linseed and soya oils in them and these when combined with zinc promote the development of healthy, scurf free skin and glossy coat. Combine this with an increased nutrient uptake and the end result is that your horse will start looking fantastic.

Improvement in performance.

If you are involved in competitive horse riding disciplines such as dressage or show juimping, you want your horse’s body to function at an optimum levels and this is where balancers come into play.

They are packed with minerals such as iron and copper which are known as blood building minerals. By supplementing your horse’s diet with iron and copper you will increase the number of red blood cells. What do red blood cells do?

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