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So the difference between organic search rankings and the other type is that organic search results happen when you just type in the keyword. The other type, the one that I’ll be writing about are the kind where you add a city name to the search to find the top ranking results for the keywords you type, for that city.

In order to get a spot on the list, you have to have a city address, from here on in we’ll be using Winnipeg as an example. Usually, if you’re making a website for a business, they will already have a listing, a business listing.

Adding a webpage to it and this is for Google by the way, means that you have to find the listing in Google/maps 먹튀검증 and edit it. This requires a phone verification, either by land line or text (SMS) to your cell phone, or by post card to your address.

The one often used is postcard, because both the phone verifications have given me trouble before. As in the code they provided did not work when used to verify the listing. So I’d try to verify by phone a couple times and after a 3 or so, the phone number is not allowed to verify anymore.

After you are registered, there are a few ways to push your way to the top of Winnipeg’s list for business type.

One way is to go log in to those business directory pages, and enter in all the information for that business, and also add a webpage url. type in “winnipeg Chinese restaurants” to Google What do you see “the top spots? do you see

  • Golden Terrace

I know the webmaster and he told me that’s how he got the high ranking, but when I asked why he didn’t get a high ranking for the 2nd page he was unsure if it was because it had a lot of javascript that uses the tag display:none; and display:block to hide and to show text, which is supposed to be bad for Google rankings. It’s well known, but he was confused because the site

type in “winnipeg tailor” to Google What do you see “the top spots? do you see

  • Wing Or’s tailors

is top with the same type of javascript layout, it even beats the nicer looking sites, because the nicer ones are made from pictures, so the search engine spiders can’t see any text.

So, the other key point to work on is if you have a keyword in your site, make sure you have content to support it, like an argument in philosophy class, you need to back that up.

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