5 Creative Ladies Golf Gifts That You Can Get for That Special Woman


If you have a female friend who is always game for golf, then “ladies golf gifts” are a good idea. There are gifts that are exclusively meant for females. If you are looking for something creative that reflects the personality or goals of a woman golfer read on.

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Golf Course Pass

Buy a course pass for your female golfer to one of the top 50 golf course for women. These courses are highly ranked and range from the Golf Club in Newcastle, Washington to the Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina. They are strictly courses for women with criteria that include one less than 5,300 yards, minimum carries from forward trees and run up areas. Ensure that you select a golf course close to where she lives Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

LPGA Golf Glove

Purchase an LPGA glove. You can either buy a left-handed or right-handed glove. A glove offers great comfort and controls a lady’s grip or swing. It also provides ventilation through the perforated holes in the fingers. Look for the sun screen type which allows even tanning.


Sterling silver jewelry make perfect ladies gifts. You can buy golf ball necklaces, stud earrings shaped like golf balls, hoop earrings with small silver golf balls attached to each earring or anything else with the word “golf” written across it.

Golf Bag

Every female golfer should have a sturdy and fashionable bag for the course. Ensure that you go for female-friendly colors like pink, beige, purple and burgundy. Try to go for the extra touch by having her initials embossed; stitching her favorite slogan across the side is also not a bad idea.

LPGA Clothes

Purchase an official LPGA shirt and a pair of snazzy Capri’s for her. Made from Climacool material, the fabric is 96% polyester and 4% CoolMax extreme jersey which is a moisture wicking fabric according to the LPGA authorities. The shirt will not only leave your lady friend stylish on the course. It will also keep her cool and refreshed as she drives, putts and walks all over the turf.

These are just a few women golf gifts you can get for her for that special occasion. They only set you back a couple of dollars and would be deeply appreciated for the long-term. Be rest assured that they will not end up in the back of the closet or in bottom of the basement.

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