How Are Hiring Managers Recruiting and Hiring Without Job Postings?


Hiring Managers select and recruit very carefully these days to maximize their success. Think for a moment of the typical 20% recruiting fee that most companies pay to source the talent they need. One Software Developer that makes $115K for an annual salary will earn a recruiting firm over $23,000 when he is hired. Since larger companies typically hire hundreds of employees at time these costs can quickly escalate. Yet, it is not all about cost savings, the single most important factor is finding the best talent for the job, because that allows you to leap ahead of your competition. Remember the 3M employee who invented Post It Notes? Every employer wants to hire that type of game changer.

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Keep in mind the bulk of the hiring going on today is in small to medium-sized companies, so once you are in, the opportunities for advancement and success are going to be there. It seems the majority of large companies are not convinced it is time to do significant hiring just yet. Although, there is plenty of selective hiring going on in Fortune 500 firms and Global firms right now job posting.

Here are just some of the methods to attract the best candidates without paid advertising I have used as a hiring manager over the years:

  1. Internal job postings.
  2. Employee outreach campaigns to known and trusted talent in family, friends and former colleagues. (With a handsome referral bonus too.)
  3. Personal networking (In small communities everyone knows everyone so this is especially easy).
  4. Announcements (free) to Professional Associations, Union Meetings/Halls, fellow church members and Industry Groups, even library bulletin boards.
  5. Press releases about this years plans to hire over 1000-5000 new employees due to the recovering economy (this attracts tons of resumes).
  6. The Department of Labor and Training or State Workforce Commission (multiple names depending on state) their talented staff sends us only qualified candidates that meet all our requirements for interviews. They are paid with taxes on all employers in the state.
  7. Speaking engagements and appearances on local or national TV, Radio, magazine interviews and newspaper article mentions. Right now a Press Release for hiring 500 employees is golden!
  8. Every great HR Manager/Director or Hiring Manager has an extensive list of contacts and connections they mine for candidates when the need arises.
  9. and ZoomInfo have truly awesome resume/candidate databases to search for the best qualified candidates. Finding the top ten candidates is now as simple as an advanced Boolean search. Sifting through thousands of resumes by hand is ancient history.
  10. Believe it or not, clients often make great employees because they are already sold on your company. All you need to do is make them aware of the opportunities in a monthly newsletter or email.
  11. Community service/volunteerism, every employer usually has at least one favorite charity they actively sponsor. A casual mention on the PBS charity auction on TV, in front of an audience or in print works. Terrific people usually volunteer because they enjoy giving back to the community after they have made it.
  12. Every employer has a website with a CAREERS page on it. By listing their openings here, but not advertising them they receive resumes from candidates that want to work specifically for them. This sure beats candidates who just need a job to survive and will take anything.
  13. Discrete signage at their location.
  14. Internship opportunities sent to the most appropriate local college or university career center.
  15. Temporary assignments where the worker impressed enough to earn a job offer. Employers like the try before you buy route. (It is not as easy to fire a poor performer as you might think.)
  16. Consultant opportunities can translate to job offers.
  17. Freelance work websites, impress them enough and job offers will result.
  18. Active recruiting from direct competitors by employers is very common.
  19. Hiring managers will often receive unsolicited resumes and cover letters directly throughout the year. You can bet your house that the top 5% of these resumes are either in the running for positions immediately or saved for future need in a high priority file.
  20. They can use Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to search for resumes directly. Example try searching for – High Performance Copywriter Resume RI with Google. The whole Internet is really one big database, you just have to know how to use it. Keywords are vitally important so your resume can be found in databases and in the Internet.
  21. The most admired and prestigious employers like Google, Facebook, Apple, Disney, Southwest Airlines and Goldman Sachs receive tens or hundreds of thousands of resumes a month without paid advertising because they have created their own demand.
  22. Trade Shows, Industry Exhibits and similar events.
  23. Business lunches, successful professionals seldom eat lunch alone. Why should you?
  24. Recreational activities – the golf course, the tennis club, the yacht club, the country club, the swim club and even gyms and health clubs too. Recruiting happens every day!
  25. Air and train travel, there is both social and business networking going on and plenty of it. Especially, at the executive level in first class and business class seats. Airports often have first class and business class lounges for the frequent corporate travelers to relax in while they are waiting at the airport.

It is my hope that this will be a real eye opener for you, and you will upgrade your job search strategy as a result. This is only a partial list. Great managers are always recruiting to develop management bench strength for the future and naturally they need to find their own replacement before they are promoted. The interesting thing about hiring is employers everywhere have found that the more they advertised a career opportunity, the lower the retention rate is for that particular position.

Obviously employers wish to minimize the costs of high turnover and recruiting as much as possible. Thus, the hidden job market is still their best source for the highest quality candidates. Fortunately, it is also a tremendous time and money saver too.

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