What Does Jack Mason Do?


One of the best comedy films of all time, What does Jack Mason Do? tells the story of a blind man with no eyes who becomes a mechanic and repairs to other people’s cars. Jack (Charles Bronson) is a widower living in Manhattan. One day he goes out to the subway to buy a soda but ends up getting the most bizarre stares from a passerby, which leads him to discover that he has no eyes. Now, he finds himself in charge of fixing up cars for a living, and with his unusual abilities he hopes to make a living for himself rather than depending on other people.

Jack’s friends include Max (Dante Fox), who want to be a mechanic as well, and Becky (Heather Graham), who are a beautiful model who dreams of being an actress. Together, they form a club for disabled people called Jack’s Club where they socialize and enjoy themselves. One night, however, a group of muggers break into the club, and a fight starts outside. Jack, thinking of the way people treat the blind, locks the muggers out. The police arrive soon after and are impressed with Jack’s quick response time, so they ask him to become their detective What does Jack Mason do?.

Over the years Jack has developed a collection of odd stories and he plans to use one of them to solve the mystery of his own life. One of the stories involves him attending a birthday party in a small New Jersey home, where he stumbles into an underground tunnel that goes directly to his past. Inside, he sees his own life played out: he is a successful mechanic who fixes cars, he gets married and has a daughter, and he owns a bar. One of the characters, a fisherman who goes by Tommy, stops by and asks Jack to take him fishing, since Tommy needs some fishing equipment. Jack agrees and the two go for a day of fishing and then Tommy gets another car accident before they get back to the house.

What does Jack Mason Do? Then a while later, he is the one who tracks down Tommy and the other man who had lost his fishing equipment and take them to the closest police station. The two cops are amazed to see the large poster of a man they had never heard of before on the wall, and they wonder how he got here before them. An armed robber hiding behind the poster shoots Jack in the leg and then drags him into the holding cell.

Jack and Tommy escape through a hole in the ceiling and are knocked out in the cellblock. Tommy was hit badly in the leg and so badly that he requires months of physical therapy. He is told that he may never walk again. As the saying goes, what does Jack Mason Do? He decides to dig deeper into the mystery of his own life and find out who hit him and why.

So, he starts to research the history of the detective agency and the way it became an American symbol. Along the way he discovers a number of interesting bits of information about the life of Jack Mason, including how he married a wealthy woman while serving his country. All of this turns the story into an intriguing mystery tale about good versus evil. If you have a man’s interest in solving mysteries why not add a bit of romance to it to make it more appealing to the male population? Maybe women would like it too.

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