Four Types Of Quartz Pendulums


Quartz pendulums are well-known as one of the most unique devices ever invented. Although the pendulum has already been discovered in Ancient Egypt and the New Zealand, this unique piece of art is only recently introduced to the western world. And just like all good inventions, this one too was created from basic materials and was not a breakthrough in artificial engineering. But what makes quartz pendulums so interesting and different from others? And why is it so popular in both the eastern and the western world?

The pendulum works on the principle of angular momentum. This is a simple but powerful explanation that explains how the pendulum moves with constant angular momentum, i.e. with no external force acting upon it. This idea became popularized by the Dutch when they discovered that by placing two bowls on a table, a constant motion would result which is exactly what we observe when a quartz pendulum swings.

Today there are many types of quartz pendulum. Each one exhibits a slightly different pattern and each has its own unique style and design. But basically there are four main types that we could talk about. Let’s take a closer look pendulos de cuarzo.

The first one is the most popular – the grandfather clock. It looks like a regular grandfather clock, with an even base and a pendulum hanging inside. It is made out of quartz crystals and has a smooth and shiny finish. As you can notice, this type is the most simplistic and elegant one among the rest. It would be perfect for an antique-themed room or any room with a very old fashioned motif. Of course, if you want to have something more modern, you could try the modern quartz pendulum.

The second pendulum type is the circle pendulum. It is a little bit different compared to the traditional ones we usually see. Instead of being made out of quartz crystals, it is made out of wood. Because of the wood material, it can easily attract a lot of attention, making it more appealing and elegant. A wooden pendulum could easily be placed in a bedroom or a living room, creating an atmosphere that somehow brings back the good ole’ days.

The third pendulum type, we could talk about is the octagon pendulum. As the name itself suggests, this is shaped in an octagon. The circular surface at the center might be engraved or ornately designed to make it look more interesting. An octagon quartz pendulum might work great in an antique-themed room or in a room with an antique theme.

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