Office Desks and Chairs – The Most Common Types


Office desks and chairs came in many shapes and sizes. An office desk, or desk chair, is typically a simple, swiveling chair with a cast iron pedestal for support. Most modern office chairs are designed with a single, distinguishing load bearing leg, which rests under the seat. This load bearing leg normally has either a lever or a foot operated lever to control the angle of the seat. An ergonomic office chair is especially useful because it supports all the weight for both the lower back and the arms/hands, making it much less likely to cause injury to users.

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There are two major categories of office chairs – executive office furniture and conference chairs. Executive office furniture includes executive conference chairs and conference desks, usually of leather. These chairs have a very high level of comfort, often cushioned with leather, vinyl or soft leather upholstery, with very soft upholstery on the seat mua ghe van phong. They have steel frames, usually made of cherry or mahogany wood.

Conference chairs fall into the more expensive range of office furniture and include executive chairs and conference desks. They generally have a full leather seating, usually in dark cherry or mahogany wood with either a steel frame or pedestal. They also usually have a steel or aluminum frame, and the backrest and cushions are padded with leather or vinyl. Most conference chairs are adjustable, and some models have an extended seat base for extra comfort. They have the basic features of leather upholstery, steel frame, and a dual seat mechanism for easy access from multiple sides.

Another section of office chairs are the writing desks. These are great space savers, because they allow you to have a desk when you need it, and a drawer if you don’t. They are designed to provide a comfortable work surface, and usually come in standard sizes and styles. The writing desk provides the basic functions of a computer desk, including a wide desktop space for computer usage and multiple side or corner shelves for storage purposes. Some writing desks have additional features such as large display shelves or media centers for music players or other media accessories.

Other commonly found office desks are writing desks, and these can be found in a variety of colors and styles, including natural wood grain finishes and modern, contemporary designs. They provide an overall function similar to that of a writing desk, with storage and display areas available. They also have the most common types of features, including metal legs, wooden bases and sometimes wheels with casters.

Other commonly found office furniture are office carts. This includes wheeled carts or push carts. Some carts include locking mechanisms for added security, while others only lock from the bottom, allowing for easy mobility. These are the most common types of cart options, as they provide the greatest flexibility for a wide range of office environments.

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