Do You Have a Recycled Roof?


Recycling is the ‘it’ thing these days as people strive to maintain our planet for future generations. You can recycle most things, but what about a roof? Plenty of home improvement shows on television show you how they renovate homes taking them from blah to beautiful, and now and again, the hosts will find items in the home worth saving, whether it is wooden beams found behind a wall or kitchen cabinets that were just in the wrong place. These items are held back from demolition and repurposed later on. The same can be done with roofs, depending on what material that roof is made of.

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Slate tiles are very expensive as a roofing option but define luxury and look beautiful on a roof. Since slate is a natural stone, it allows no water to penetrate it, or your home and it can withstand Mother Nature’s wrath season after season. There have been documented cases whereupon taking apart a home, one hundred year old slate tiles have been saved and used again, albeit with new hardware as that doesn’t stand up to weather as well. Natural stone is a great resource that is fully recyclable depending on your roofing specifications mái tôn đẹp.

Rubber roofing tiles are starting to become popular now and as a natural product, rubber is also waterproof and weatherproof. The manufacture of these rubber shingles starts with used car tires with the finished product being beautifully made shingles that can be any design or colour that you wish. What you don’t use on your first house can be re-recycled into new tiles for someone else, or you can re-use the tiles at will on your next project. If you are demolishing a home with a rubber tile roof, the tiles can be salvaged and used again, keeping costs low and with less trips to the dump as the added bonus.

Slate and rubber are just two examples of ways you can recycle a roof. Whether you buy new and recycle later on or get a recycled roof in the first place, they will continue to look beautiful, withstand the weather and help to keep your costs down all at the same time.

While not many of us tackle the roofing job ourselves, a certified roofer will know all about these new and not so new roofing options, which will make your home look amazing and help the environment too!

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