Why Is Eye Examination So Important to You?

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Many people may ask the question “is ophthalmological examination that important to me, since my eyes are in good condition?” Actually, regular eye examination is essential for everyone, as it not only determines the prescription of reading glasses, but also checks the common visual diseases.

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For adults, annual eye examination keeps the prescription up dated and also benefit to early detection of vision diseases. While for children, eye examination ensures good development of vision and learning habits.

There is a misunderstanding among quite a few people that vision exam is only necessary for a newly prescription before buying eyeglasses frames. Actually, apart from measuring eyesight, the doctor will also check whether your eyes suffer from other diseases take test here.

Generally speaking, refractive error, amblyopia, strabismus, focusing problems, etc are what the oculist will take note of. In most cases, refractive error including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are common for more and more modern people, even for young people. Wearing suitable eyeglasses can effective way in treating refractive error.

Besides, take amblyopia for instance, which is common for the kids and even will lead to blindness if it is not discovered early during visual examination. Amblyopia occurs when the eyes are turned or when two eyes are largely different in prescription. When speaking of amblyopia, strabismus should not be ignored, since more than half of amblyopia is related with strabismus, which is defined as crossed or turned eyes and give rise to amblyopia.

Last but not least, many vision diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease have no symptoms in their early stage. Only during the test can the oculist doctor know whether your eyes are health or not.

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