Creating Conflict by Using the Bible

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For those of you who don’t know what creating conflict is all about, I would like to give you an example. A young boy walks up to his mom and asks her a question,” Should I always tell the truth?” “Of course,” the mother answers,” Why do you ask?” Because I heard you talking to Mrs. Christian and you lied to her about your new car.

Oh, that’s different, that’s not the same thing as lying and I was just trying to avoid answering her question. Whether you consider this creating conflict or a direct contradiction, using words creatively by twisting them around, until they can provide you with the answer you are seeking, it’s still creating conflict and that’s what happens in the Bible.

There are plenty of verses that contradict themselves, one that I used more frequently than others bible verse on forgiveness, would be,” Thou shall not murder.” And then there is killing throughout the entire Bible, even Jesus was killed, hanging from a cross.

Do you ever get tired of those who are always manipulating Bible verses, for their personal benefit? Those Bible verses that can be twisted around and used to create conflict, between other religions, sexual preferences, women’s rights and anything else you can possibly think of, need to be used with understanding.

It’s not always difficult to understand the Bible literally, the problems often start when someone starts to twist or manipulate simple Bible verses to create conflict or problems.

These conflicting verses have created problems for centuries and no one seems to do anything about them. If you’re going to quote out of the Bible, do me a favor and understand, what it is you are quoting.

If you’re going to quote a Bible verse about money and how rich people are bad, you should understand all of the other Bible verses that support wealth.

If your wife does something to disappoint you, don’t start quoting Bible verses that referred to servitude, without understanding the Bible verses that support your love for her, as your wife.

If you educate yourself, by reading and understanding the Bible, you can eliminate a lot of problems that seem to develop from others twisting or manipulating simple Bible verses, to create an illusion, while grossly misinterpreting its literal understanding.

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