Advantages of Electric Toothbrushes

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Because rechargeable electric toothbrushes are now made very affordable, and because they are often considered to be just as good, if not better than a manual toothbrush, many people opt for an electric one. Moreover, more and more dentists recommend that you use an electric toothbrush because they are safe for your gum and teeth and because they offer a better brushing for people with bad technique or who tend to brush too fast. Hence, healthy teeth and gum are two important part of our well-being.

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There are so many advantages to use an electric toothbrush. Below are just a few of their many benefits.

First, the use of a rechargeable toothbrush help you save some time by doing the job for you, and better! Do you really follow the right brushing technique, going up and down each teeth, inside out the mouth? Well, your new gadget is there for that, to ensure that this is done right. Simply pass the bristles doing some circular movements on each teeth, covering entirely each teeth. And brushing time is always the same with a rechargeable toothbrush: two minutes.

Second, rechargeable toothbrushes offer you much better outcomes. After the first time, you will immediately feel the results: smoother, cleaner and more shiny teeth. It is not surprising that over 85% of people who own an electric toothbrush guide are more than happy with the results, compared to a bare 70% for the one who manually brush. To ensure full effectiveness of your electric toothbrush and avoid bacteria contamination, make sure to change the head of the toothbrush every 1 to 3 month.

Third, choosing the best toothbrush is an important part of bucco-dental protection. By opting for an electric rechagearble toothbrush, you are opting for better brushing, especially if you are known to have lousy technique or to rush it all the time. Moreover, because their head is much smaller than a regular toothbrush, they tend to reach further, and places you may not be able to reach with your manual toothbrush. No more dental plaque, cavities, tartar or gingivitis!

Last, but not least, the formula to a perfect smile is simple: make sure to visit your dentist regularly, brush in the morning and in the evening (with some flossing), eat food containing lots of calcium (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc) and cut down on sugary or acidic food such as candies.

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