Feng Shui Mirror – How To Make Your Home More Feng Shui Free

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Feng Shui, also known as The Law of Heaven and Earth, is an ancient form of astrology that utilizes the relationship between a person’s position in the map (known as their “anchor”) and the corresponding positions of the celestial elements. These elements are believed to influence physical and mental states, moods, appetites, beliefs, and preferences. According to some practitioners, a small imbalance between any of the eight elements can bring about a lot of problems in one’s life. This article will give you a simple introduction on how to apply Feng Shui techniques in your home.

The first step in applying the principles World of Feng Shui is by defining the two sides of a mirror that you will use for this practice. Draw a circle on the surface of one of the mirrors and place the other two corners in the middle. Now, position each element on the Feng shu mirror at its corresponding position on the circle. You should ensure that the elements are facing one another when looking at it from either side. You need to make sure that all of the elements are facing the mirror, because they are all aligned with the center of the mirror.

A simple way to check if the mirror is aligned correctly is by balancing the elements out. You may do so by placing the metal rod in the Feng shu image and slowly pushing it until you notice that the image shifts out of its original position. If the image moves out of alignment with the rod, then there’s a slight imbalance. Remember that you must face the source of energy when performing these balancing acts in order to get the most effective result. When doing these movements, remember that the direction of the energy changes according to the way you are facing it.

When performing the movements, you need to remember that some of the Feng shu mirror moves cannot be performed when there is no metal rod. For these, you can use chopsticks or any other small tools. However, these tools should be just slightly larger than the mirror, otherwise, the movement will not be as smooth.

You can also use a variety of objects inside your home. If you have a fireplace, you can position the mirror on its side facing east or west depending on where your fire is. It’s important to remember that fire represents heat, while water represents moisture, so positioning the mirror on the Feng shu side of the fire place is more effective since water promotes good fortune while heat increases prosperity.

The world of Feng shua may sound complicated, but in reality, it isn’t. All you have to do is learn how to align the mirror correctly using these tips. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of feng shua without having to worry about doing anything complicated. After all, this is all just a technique that allows you to make feng thus more effective and convenient for your everyday life.

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