Impact of Software Companies in India Towards Digitalization of the Nation


The golden era of IT revolution in India started in 1990. The emergence of the IT sector in the country totally changed the economic landscape of the nation. The concept of liberalization, globalization, and privatization make giant strides in the IT domain of the country. The Indian IT industry is regarded as the most robust industry worldwide.

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South India is known to be the preferred destination for the IT professionals, as all the leading national and international IT companies are located in this region of the country Software Companies in Dehradun. Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai are the topmost IT destinations in India providing job opportunities to millions. Bangalore is regarded as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’.

Indian software developers and engineers are in huge demand worldwide because of their professionalism and skills and moreover, for foreign software firm hiring an Indian IT professional is quite cheaper when compared to the IT professionals of the developed nations. This is why foreign companies outsource their projects to Indian software firms. As a result of which many software development centres have emerged in the country. Technologically skilled and English speaking Indian software professionals are dominating the global software industry. Though Indian techies have a huge demand in foreign companies but the recent visa issues in some nations have lowered the rate of immigration of Indian techies.

The noble initiative of the Indian Government to transform India into a digitally empowered nation is a prospective domain where the software companies in India is going to contribute their skills and technical expertise to accomplish various national and international projects.

In this process, the software developers and mobile application developers will need to assist the government in various projects that will help in building a digital network across India.”Digital India” has intrigued the interest of participation amongst the tech giants across the globe to get involved in various projects of the Indian Government. All the governmental departments are upgrading their systems and services online for a seamless functioning across the length and breadth of India.

A large part of the Indian population is directly and indirectly associated with the software companies in India as these tech firms create job opportunities for many people. The “Digital India” stride is not only creating jobs for the software developers and engineers but a large section of non-technical people are also associated with the IT sector. The vision to digitalize rural India is also on the radar of the Indian Government. To spread awareness of computer literacy and to provide technical knowledge to the rural mass various IT companies are involved in organizing many awareness programmes and classes in the rural areas to make the people able to understand and operates various software applications and mobile applications.

With the progressive slogan of the Indian government towards “Make in India” the trend of entrepreneurship is noticeable amongst the younger generation in India. Apart from the IT giants many new small and medium software firms have emerged in India and these companies are executing various projects for many national and international clients. Again these companies are also generating employment which is making a significant contribution towards the economy of India.

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