What Do Essential Oils and Wrinkles Have in Common? A Lot More Than You May Think


Do you know what essential oils and wrinkles have in common?  Want to know how you can increase your intake of one and decrease the sight of the other at the same time?  This article will explain how to do this, and what it means for your skin’s health.

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Do you know what essential oils actually are?  Well in once sense, they are oils that are necessary to keep your skin healthy.  In another sense, they are simply the “oil of” the plant from which they were extracted, meaning it’s only “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent or essence of the plant hair oil.

So what do essential oils have to do with wrinkles?  Well for starters, essential oils help smooth out your skin and make it look younger.  Secondly, they can drastically help prevent wrinkles from appearing in the future.  Your body creates natural oils that keep your skin healthy and hydrated.  But throughout the day, your body looses these oils through your pores, like when you sweat.  That’s why it’s key to replenish these oils each and every day.

Have you ever though of using a skin care product that both reduces and prevents wrinkles and provides your skin with the essential oils it needs?  It’s a great way to assure your skin stays healthy, both in the short term and the long run.  So what kinds of oils are essential to keep our skin healthy and wrinkle free?  What kinds of essential oils should we look for in an anti wrinkle cream?  Let’s go over a few of them, shall we?

Avocado Oil is deeply hydrating and highly compatible with your skin’s natural oils.  It penetrates deep down into your skin and contains great healing and moisturizing properties.  Avocado oil has a high nutritional value, as it contains tons of vitamins and minerals necessary for skin health.  And it’s especially good for people with dry skin or damaged skin from the sun, as it helps regenerate and rejuvenate it.  Macadamia oil is another similar ingredient to avocado oil that you should look for.

Grapeseed Oil is a superb oil you should definitely look for.  It actually creates an invisible film on your skin to keep moisture in and is rich in linoleic acid and several other essential oils necessary for skin health.  Grapeseed oil is great at repairing the skin around the eyes and has also been shown to reduce stretch marks.

Jojoba oil reduces wrinkles and stretch marks while deeply moisturizing the skin, making it feel soft and silky.  Jojoba oil is very similar to human sebum (the oil secreted by your skin) meaning our skin will accept it well without the threat of breakouts or reactions occurring.  It will also help balance your skin’s sebum; it will moisturize dry skin and ease oil production with oily skin.  It’s a win-win situation

So what does this all mean for you?  It means that you can make sure your skin has it’s essential oils every day while fighting off the ugly signs of aging with one product.  In fact, you can stock up on many things while using wrinkle reduction products.  If you take fish oils, you can address fish oils and wrinkles with one product.  Just make sure that you get a product with high concentrations of each ingredient to get the best results.

To find out more about essential oils and wrinkles, visit [http://www.skin-and-health-site.com] Here you’ll find the three main causes of aging, what ingredients work best at targeting these three causes, and which ingredients you should avoid in any skin care product.

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