A City Rich in History


Very few cities in the world have bore the weight of history as Berlin – even fewer still have gone through the strife’s and downtimes that Berlin has. Berlin is the capital city of Germany and has a population of over 3.4 million. The city is a continental hub for air and rail transport. Berlin is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in the EU.

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Thirty Years’ War

This war took place between 1618 and 1648 and it had serious consequences for Berlin. The city lost half of its population and about a third of the cities houses were damaged. Frederick William, who succeeded his father as a ruler in 1640, started a policy that promoted immigration and also religious tolerance. He offered asylum to the French Huguenots. By 1700, approximately twenty percent of Berlin’s residents were French, and their cultural influence on the city was immense luxury homes in miami beach.

Berlin wall

This wall was constructed in 1960 to stop the deflection of the thousands of East Germans to the west. More than 60,000 people were arrested and at least 170 killed attempting to get over the wall by using homemade air balloons, digging tunnels or other methods.

Full of art.

In the 19th century German architects searched far and wide over Europe, bringing back what they found. You can see these items on display at the Pergamon museum. If you only have time for one museum, make it the Pergamon.


This region is one of the most prolific centers of higher education and research in the European Union. There are four universities and several private, professional, and technical colleges. There are a total of 878 schools in Berlin. The city has a six year primary education program. After completion of the program students progress to one of the four different secondary schools for six more years: Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium, or Gesamtschule. Berlin has a unique bilingual school program; students are though the curriculum in German and a foreign language, starting in grammar school and in secondary school. There are 9 major European languages in 29 schools that can be chosen.

The nightlife.

Berlin has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Europe. Throughout the 20th century, young adults from surrounding countries made Berlins club scene a primary destination. Berlin is home to many nightclubs, including Kunst Haus Tacheles, Tresor, WMF, Ufo, E-Werk, the infamous Kitkatclub and many others. This city is a center for nightlife and DJ-culture in Europe.

This article only touches on many of the wonderful aspects of Berlin, Germany’s capital. This city has made an impact on the entire world with its intricate history. This city is one of the most popular cities in Europe, and if you plan to take a vacation, Berlin is a great place to go if you’re old or young.

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