How Vegetables, Fruits, And Herbs Cut My Health Costs


I am a man in his early 60’s and I found a way to lower my health costs. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I was extremely fit. But as I got older and life changed I worked out less and less. By my mid fifties I was overweight. Every year like clockwork I would get the flu, at least once, sometimes twice a year. Then a friend of mine recommended that I eat more vegetables. In fact she recommended that I become a vegetarian and not just a vegetarian but a vegan! I really did not want to hear about this kind of eating. Now my friend is a Pilates teacher and I have never known her to be overweight. She is also a person who kept bugging me with facts and figures. One bit of information that was fairly obvious yet something I never thought about is that vegetables are low in fat and low in calories. Makes sense. But a plant -based diet? You’ve got to be kidding. No she wasn’t kidding. Did I know that studies have proved that plant-based diets combined with exercise help people lose weight, an average of twenty four pounds per year? And that by staying on a vegan diet the weight is kept off.

Vegan diets are also high in fiber. One of the benefits of fiber is that it fills you up faster and keeps you feeling full longer. Another huge benefit is that fiber pulls water from the intestines and assists in elimination. My friend said that at dinner her mother ate her salad last because “your salad is the broom of your meal.” Fiber also collects Sonus Complete chemicals in the intestines and “sweeps” them from your intestines. By doing so your intestines are better equipped to absorb nutrients. That is basic cellular nutrition.

The sprinkling of different kinds of vegetables, herbs and fruits make for very colorful meals. These colors are the signs of plentiful antioxidants present in these foods. Antioxidants protect us from free radicals which cause damage to our tissues. Another obvious fact, fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals.

I couldn’t argue with her facts but I knew me and I knew my schedule. So I did a little research of my own. I found an herb-based protein shake that augmented my weight loss program. The protein was soy protein and it is high in fiber. Just in case I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables I take a multivitamin. My friend even approved of my choice of shake. She even drinks a shake for breakfast now. Since drinking my shakes and eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole foods (I have to admit I am not a vegan!) I have lost around 35 pounds. I also haven’t had the flu in two years. Coincidentally, since losing weight and feeling fit, I quit smoking and drink less alcohol. Any insurance broker will tell you that doing all three of those things will bring your premium down.

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