Creating A Website To Fool Your Customers


Businesses with no website

What are the chances of trusting a very new small business to provide you with essential products and/or services, when you learn that they are working from their backyard, have no information they can send you, AND they have no website.

Probably not very high.

So how do you present a professional business presence to your customer when you are working from your home office, with a less then zero budget? One of the challenges many new small business owners face is providing the credibility to their customers of a capable, experienced and professional business that can deliver. YOU know you can, but how do you convince everyone else?

A professional website is the solution

The solution is rather simple. If you invest time and a little money into creating a professional looking website, the rewards for your business can be tenfold your initial investment. With a professional looking website, you CAN create the credible illusion of being a much bigger business than you really are, until you actually become your illusion!

Judging a book by its cover

We all know that it’s not really fair to judge a book by its cover, but in business, that is exactly what we must do. A company’s website is often the first impression we have of who we are dealing with. The presentation and “look and feel” of a website may be the only tangible evidence we have of the credibility of a business.

We judge instantly if:

• The business looks professional

• If they are a large or small organisation

• If they are able to provide sales assistance and services/products we require

• If they appear to be trustworthy

• If they have credible contact details

• If the information we require is easy to find

We also make more unconscious decisions about a business from their website such as:

• If we relate on an emotional level to the look and feel of the site

• If we feel comfortable dealing with this organisation

• If we trust the presentation of the information.

Creating the illusion with your website

Here are some elements to consider in creating your fabulous online website illusion:

Before you begin, do some research. Look at your competitor’s websites. Determine the ones that seem to work on first impression, and which ones don’t. Can you isolate what elements ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทยare making a website look successful and big?

Some of the more important things to consider before building your website are:

• Determine the main goal and purpose of your website

• Keep it simple

• Keep the layout and navigation consistent

• Never lose site of your target audience requirements

• Include lots of quality content

Next, most importantly – get your site professionally designed. The cost is really worth it. An unprofessional looking website will only cost you money and turn your potential customers away. A great website will help to make you money.

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