Security Barriers Can Add Form As Well As Function


There are several different types of security barriers, and they serve different purposes. Security barriers are used on high traffic roads ways control the traffic-flow to encourage lower speeds. When installed with alarm systems, security barriers are used to prevent or deter burglaries. They may also be used extensively together with motion sensors, and electronic fences to form the major components of security systems.

Wedge barriers offer a high degree of security when they are deployed to prohibit vehicle access on roadways. They are called wedge barriers because they appear to be in the shape of a wedge when looking at the side profile bollards for driveway.

Another type of the security barriers, frequently used on roadways is the beam barrier, which is actually a beam that extends across the road. Beams can be moved horizontally or vertically to allow vehicle access. Beam barriers may also include a fence section that is used to restrict pedestrians. The design of the fence can be multi-functional, with high aesthetic appeal or simply functional, built only to secure access.

Bollards are cylinders that are rise vertically from the surface of the road. They can either be fixed or retractable. Drop Arm barriers are designed to deter vehicles from access into areas of high security. The arms that extend across the path of the vehicle are designed to stop vehicles moving up to 80 km per hour and weighing up to 7500 kg.

Cantilever or sliding gates, that are designed to move in one direction, usually horizontally, can also be an effective solution, as some form of the security barriers. A big advantage of cantilever gates is that they use less space, and are an ideal choice when it comes to being used as part of the security system in the perimeter fence of a property.

Security barriers can be designed to be permanent or they can be temporary. They may even be portable or mobile with the ability to be easily carried to different locations. Semi-Permanent barriers can be seen as a hybrid combination of being both permanent and temporary. Although they can be removed, the process is not a simple one, and the major disadvantage is that modifications can be difficult when different security measures may be needed.

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